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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 31, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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there's been progress and he spoke while surrounded by americans who he pointed out cannot afford a tax hike. a source close to the negotiations we know what might be on the table now this current tenty deal. one, as far as tax hikes are involved -- republican and democrats have agreed taxes would not go up for families that make less than $450,000 a year or individuals who make less than $400,000 a year. as far as unemployment benefits that's could be extended. the president mentioned tuition tax credit extended. where there's still a great divide is automatic spending cuts. the deal on table brokered mostly by mcconnell and biden overnight, would delay those spending cuts for three months. some democrats have said they want them delayed one year. >> still issues left to resolve. but we're hopeful that congress can get it done.
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it is not done. and so, part of the reason that i wanted to speak to all of you here today is to make sure that we emphasize, to congress, and that members of both parties understand that all across america this is a pressing concern on people's minds. >> reporter: again, on the issue of tax increases and who constitutes the wealthiest of americans. the president was originally pitching a threshold of $250,000 a year in income. republicans wanted to see that as high as one million dollars. the deadline is midnight eastern time. keep in mind, even if congress misses that deadline they can put off the tax increases or refund them retroactively. katie marzullo, abc7 news. a lot of us worried about our wallets. one item that won't fall off the cliff is milk. committees agreed to one year extension of the farm bill.
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committee approval is a good indication the full congress will follow even though the bill hasn't reached the floor. if the extension is not ok'd, the price of milk could double by next month. in san jose police investigating the city's 46 homicide of the year. police responded to reports of a man with a gun on lewis road and wall street, east of highway 87 in south san jose. when officers arrived they found a man who had been shot to death. the investigation is in the early stages. a news crew is on the scene more details as soon as they become available. >> skwhraoping right now, a judge has just reduced detail for the san francisco woman charged with killing a pedestrian in a hit-and-run accident. 23-year-old gina eunice was just arraigned on felony vehicular manslaughter, dui and hit-and-run this is last week. police say she hit four pedestrians at twin peaks lookout december 13th. one victim thrown down a hill,
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another victim, a 56-year-old woman died at the hospital. investigators say eunice left the scene. others found her damaged car a short distance away. the judge has reduced her bail from two million dollars to one million dollars. if she makes bail she will face mandatory monitoring. oakland police investigator going through video and talking to witnesses to try find the killer of a a 15-year-old girl. the girl and trends was walking yesterday when a teenaged boy approached and opened fire with a handgun. the girl and 14-year-old boy were wounded she died at the scene he's expected to survive. the shooter was about 13 to 16-years-old no word on a possible motive. several prominent oakland religious leaders and city officials will remember this year's homicide victims this afternoon in front of
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st. clump catholic church the public is invited. fire investigators will be back on the scene today of that deadly apartment fire that took the lives of two grandparents and their 4-year-old granddaughter. the apartment is so badly burned they are having a hard time figuring out how the fire started. it began saturday night on the top floor unit of an apartment building on bridgeport court. the grandparents and granddaughter were sleeping in the same bedroom. 56 people were displaced. san francisco firefighters are trying to determine the cause of a house fire that led to a ruptured gasline early this morning inside a two story structure on athens near silver. two in the home were rushed to the hospital, suffering from smoke inhalation. firefighters say looks like somebody had tried illegally tapping into a gas lane. krause had to be called to shut off a gas crews had to be called to shut off the gas main. highway patrol saying watch out for black ice is
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being blamed for an early morning accident near orinda this was the scene from sky 7 hd. you can see a car buried in the tree, slid off the road and tumbled 60 feet. the chp says it was the second black ice accident on the road, a while later near richmond, amazingly nobody was hurt. >> black ice danger not totally gone we are still dealing with it, mike? we'll show you the conditions nearly cheer skaoeurbgs a little high cloud cover come in after the temperatures had dropped, not any moisture in the air on live doppler. here are the temperatures this morning, napa 27, subfreezing 28 in santa rosa, 30 concord, fairfield and live more, 31, san jose 33, los gatos 33 even on the peninsula it was a little frosty this is the front windshield. we may see two more days of this, black ice is going to be
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a problem tomorrow morning and wednesday morning i'll have that coming up. weather won't be a big issue, traffic could be in san francisco. sue thompson joins us live from the hall of justice with warnings and great information. >> reporter: hi. we have learned that there will be a new change this new year's eve on the embarcadero. you may remember typically, the embarcadero is closed on new year's eve to accommodate the massive crowds. a san francisco police officer tells us at least right now, no plans to shutdown the embarcadero tonight. the barricades are in place on the embarcadero just in case. this new year's eve, police say it will not close down embarcadero street unless the crowd gets crazy. >> the commanders will evaluate that situation as the night unfolds. if it becomes necessary we will make some street closures
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we want to accommodate traffic as best as possible. >> reporter: extra officers will be out, as more than a quarter of a million are expected to arrive to party and ring in 2013, all under a midnight fireworks display. >> couple thousand devices are going to be fired in 15 minutes. we have low level effects that perform at a lower altitude than the larger stuff, probably 1500 of those. you are looking at four are, five thousand vases in 15 minutes. >> reporter: the 15 minute display will go off on this barge out on the bay as people watch, police remind them to party safe. >> enjoy the show, no drinking in public, no open containers with alcohol allowed. we recommend you travel in pairs, use the buddy system, look out for each other. >> reporter: officers are asking those headed to san francisco this evening to not drive, instead, take public transit. >> there's going to be a lot of people so please take
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public transit, bart running extra trains, caltrain late, muni offering free rides, get there early, because it will be crowded. >> reporter: police do not want people to drive into the city unless they have to. take public transit. in fact, most public transportation will be free this evening they are adding extra rains and running into the wee hours of the night. bart tells me they are bringing in 100 extra people to try and help partiers and revelers get where they need to go tonight safely. if you want to plan ahead for your trip into the city go to and on see it on tv. happy new year, be safely. live in san francisco, sue thompson, abc7 news. secretary of state clinton will spend her new year's eve in the hospital being treated for a blood clot. doctors discovered that clot during a follow-up exam. the secretary received a concussion when she feigned and fell this month while recovering from stomach flu.
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doctors say she will be in the hospital for observation at least two more day. they are going to evaluate her later to determine if she needs more tests she has been forced to cancel a trip to the mideast and north africa for next week. doing a good deed while getting a tax break. how you can help your bay area neighbors in need and snag freebies. partying in the land downunder. we'll show you
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there's a new year's eve party already underway and you're invited. designed to get you a tax write-off and other goodies for helping bay area neighbors in need. amy hollyfield is live at goodwill on mission street. >> reporter: here's something you don't see everyday. police officers are here having to direct traffic at the goodwill, because there
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are so many people here who just want to give. has become as much of a tradition as a champagne toast. people showing up on new year's eve to give to the goodwill. >> it is off the charts. we have hundreds and hundreds of people today, usually long lines down the seat, down mission street. -- down the street, down mission street. >> reporter: for the first time goodwill decided to turn the day into a celebration, giving away snacks, movie tickets, tickets to the zoo. >> i heard the advertisement and thought it would be good to support goodwill. i shop at goodwill often. it is a good time to start year fresh. >> reporter: the give$dx aways are a good incentive, a lot are here to make the tax deadline. >> this is the last day for tax write-off. it is not the only reason why i donate, but why not? >> reporter: the goodwill says tax write-off is more than incentive in some areas of the bay area than others. >> our research shows it is
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more important in san mateo county, a big deal for them. marin county it is the environment in san francisco also the environment but the way we help people. >> reporter: whatever the reason the region is generous people in the bay area give away 20 million pounds of stuff each year. workers here say, the stuff is good. >> have nell, prada, stella mccartney, michael kors. >> reporter: there's a deejay here to -- to give to the party atmosphere a live band at 2:00. they still have plenty of tickets left, movie tickets and tickets for the zoo. they will be here until 5:00 only at this location on mission street in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the new year is less than 10 hours away for americans on the east coast, 13 for news
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the bay area. many parts of the world are already enjoying 2013. first up new zealand fireworks began in the city of auckland, horns blew and fireworks exploded as the clock struck midnight. american samoa will be the last place to welcome the new year, three hours after us. >> in australia the annual new year's eve fireworks show was bigger and better than ever. the city bridge delighted the 130,000 spectators with 100,000 different fireworks patterns, 45 people working at 12 computers, launched seven tons of fireworks. we are going to have our own firework show in san francisco along the embarcadero. visibility is not going to be the issue. >> no, you need to bundle up. hopefully you got a he coat or new gloves, a scarf, this would be a good night to have. it is quiet, extended period of dry weather.
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we'll talk about that and the cold temperatures on the way. also, the one bay area city where minimum wage workers will get a small raise in the new year. kim kardashian announces the new role she will play in the new year.
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we are finding out this morning the remains of the connecticut gunman have been claimed by his father. a spokesman for the family said peter lanza claimed the remains of adam lanza, the 20-year-old shocked the nation this month when he killed 20
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first graders and six adults. a private funeral was held for his mother. this time tomorrow minimum wage workers in san francisco will enjoy a small raise. the city's minimum wage is going from $10.24 to $10.55 in 2003 voters approved an ordinance tying minimum wage to inflation in the bay area. the wage has gone up almost every year since. san francisco has the highest minimum wage in the country. also tomorrow, plastic bags will no longer be available at most stores and businesses that sell packaged food in alameda. stores will charge at least 10 cents for paper or reusable bags. plastic bags for produce will be free. 51 other cities and conties in california, including san jose, -- san francisco and san mateo already impose bans. stanford football team going for practice until
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tomorrow's rose bowl the first appearance at the huge game since 1972, the team they are facing the wisconsin badgers making their third appearance in the rose bowl. stanford hopes to counterñbqiat experience with the hope of star running back taylor. he became the all-time leading rusher this year. >> sports anchor mike shumann is heading to pasadena to cover the rose bowl his reports will air right here tomorrow. what is the weather going to be like? >> dry but cold mike you said? >> absolutely, stay in bed many we'll be here. let's look outside. good morning. look how blue the water is, look how blue the sky is, almost mirroring each other, find fast tick shot, sun angle
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showing you -- fantastic shot, sun angle showing you it is late in the day. east bay hills, east bay valleys going to have frost again tonight. 11:21 you can see doppler spinning on mount omnium, picking up all that dry air the key the air is getting drier when i gets drier it is easier to cool down i'm gag to back out. 50 oakland -- too much me in that picture. everybody else in the 40s, 41 san rafael. now let's try it, better. 51 in monterey, mid to upper 40s mostly sunny, seasonal today, frost likely next two nights if your heat kicking on a lot that's the reason why.
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extended dry period getting rid of rain for the next seven days one little chance i'll show you in the seven day other than we are rain free, today below average two in concord and oakland, three napa to redwood city, san jose should be 60, 52 in san francisco, 55 in san jose for the warm spots most of us around 52 few five same monterey bay and inland dark -- a few high clouds through the afternoon. heading out tonight, especially in san francisco on the embarcadero that's your number the bigger, warmer one everywhere else if the 30s falling to frosty levels by midnight inland if you are out and about you will need to dress warmly we'll drop into the 20s again tomorrow, livermore, napa, cloverdale close in santa rosa at 30, widespread mid to upper 30s around the bay shore, cooler wednesday morning probably when we'll have frost and freeze advisories.
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trifecta of high pressure dominating one cool front trying to breakthrough, it clouds as long as this is here
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s >> coming up at 4 does that exercise programs you see on tv work? michael finney and consumer reports put some to the test. then at 5, the high-tech way you can prove you have auto
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insurance if you are pulled over in the new year. those stories and more later today at 4 and 5. giraffes are often seen as gentle giants. watch them give new meaning to the phrase neck-and-neck. >> this was kind of shocking a crew caught these two in a violent fight. >> experts say it is a brutal bans for dominance where no one is badly hurt but the neck weighs 500 pounds so there's real poundage thrown around. >> these fights are usually over territory or a mate. experts have the younger one of the two usually loses then comes back bigger and better. >> the documentary is for a new series called africa on the discovery channel. >> looks like it hurts. but they are okay.
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